Dear Family, I was praying and thinking this morning and had a revelation. Tuesday is really day 1 of my week. I don’t know when this switch took place but as I think about it must have been quite some time ago.

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I am aware that Day 1 is actually Sunday. I am also aware that most people think of Monday as Day 1 (we don’t call Saturday and Sunday the weekend for no reason after all). I think that this culture has taught me that the week begins with work and ends with recreation.

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For most people then it makes sense that they would count. Monday as Day 1. As I thought about it this morning it also made sense that Tuesday would be my Day 1 and Monday would be my Day 7 because Sunday is the major work day for me (not that they are not all busy but Sunday is the day that requires the most focus and concentration). It also makes sense that Monday being Day 7 would need to be a recuperation day.

But in my scheduling I have not allowed for this. I have made Monday a major work and planning day. I write my sermon, Wednesday night prayer meeting, do all my meeting schedules and run a Bible study in the evening.

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I have been praying about how to get around the fatigue I feel on Mondays. This morning I realized maybe I am not supposed to. Maybe I am to look at Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoons as my Day 7 and do what I am supposed to do on day 7….rest.

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I think I am going to try this.



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