Dear Family, So I met with our contractor for The Vicarage project yesterday and we are back on track thanks to what seems to be a move of God. The plumbing took longer than originally calculated, so for a while it looked like we were going to be a week behind because of the time it would take to get our rough inspections done.

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The contractor was fairly sure we would have to wait until next week to get the carpentry inspection done but praise God the building inspector just happened to have a few minutes free yesterday and so he came over the house and finished the inspector just as the tile guys arrived four days ahead of schedule!

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So the tile job is now beginning. The Vicarage project is back on track!

A month ago one of the widows in our church went into the hospital and was deemed unfit to return home. Insurance has refused to pay for long term care and without anyone who can legally advocate for her she got stuck there. I began the process of filing for guardianship. Yesterday we heard that we are now far enough along the process that a nursing home has opened up a bed for her.

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It’s not ideal. It’s an hour and a half away, but at least it takes us to our next step as I await the court date for guardianship so I can finish the new insurance paperwork which will open up more opportunities for housing for our sister in Christ. She was very frightened yesterday that moving meant she was going to be cast adrift and left to face what’s left of her life alone. Her church, though, is determined to track with her.

So today I am going to take the drive up to the new nursing home to help her get settled in.

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We also got the plan set for closing down her apartment yesterday. So things are coming together for this. We are on track.

Then there is the Sanctuary project which begins on the 15th of May. The congregation is getting ready to help pull out the rug and break down the old altar so the new altar can be built by our contractors.

By the end of the month. The Vicarage project will be done to a place where we can move back in. Our dear sister will be settled in her new temporary residence and I will have guardianship. Her apartment will be closed down and her new insurance paperwork will be well on its way to finalization. And our sanctuary project will be almost completed.

Now is a busy season, but we are getting A LOT done.



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