Dear Family, It was a busy weekend. Friday night I attended “The Kingdom Of Priests” conference being held by our local House of Prayer here in Winchendon. What an incredible privilege to have such a ministry in our hometown!

Saturday I went to do hospital visitation with one of our widows and then I did follow up with several of our people who have either been ill or have had surgery this week.

Sunday of course was church and what a time in God’s presence we had!

This morning I started the day in prayer, walked and fed the dogs, got Mom’s papers and then called my sister in the Netherlands before Abigail and Daniella came for a visit.

Daniella was none to thrilled to be dropped off at Oz’ house, but after a rather severe meltdown on the blue stairs she was fine.
We spent our time together watching Veggie Tales and eating Fruitloops.

Now the girls have gone home, and after a brief recuperative nap, I am launching into the day of writing and studying. Time to think about sermons!



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