J’s Memoir Question #2

The artistic reboot program Brenda and I are working through is called It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again.

The book is actually written for the newly retired; So Brenda and I are having to modify the program as neither of us are even remotely “retired”. We are both facing midlife and feeling the need to reorient ourselves to a new rhythm of life, though. In that process, the book hits home, but we each are having to figure out how to make a book written for people with a lot of disposable time fit our lifestyles.

Brenda is working out her pattern and I am working out mine. The program is built around several weekly projects:

  1. The morning pages- 3 pages a day written when you first get up.
  2. Weekly walks- 2 weekly walks of 20 minutes a piece to clear the mind.
  3. Memoir- a 12 step breakdown of life from the beginning asking questions of life designed to bring deeper revelation
  4. A weekly hour-long artistic date with yourself.

The morning pages are to be entirely private.Man!!! are they revealing a lot of what is in my heart.

I don’t know what Brenda will do, but for myself I am going to put my Memoir here for everyone to read. I think knowing where I come from will help you all to understand a lot about my current life and calling at the Vicarage.

This week’s memoir involves 10 questions about my life between the ages of 1-4. Here is question # 2

2. Who took care of you?

Mom and Dad were our primary caregivers. I think at this stage of the game my mother was home with me or me and Brenda most of the time. It wasn’t until after my sister was born that I remember the string of babysitters who cared for us.


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