J’s Artistic Reboot: Memoir Day Week 1

The artistic reboot program Brenda and I are working through is called It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again.

The book is actually written for the newly retired; So Brenda and I are having to modify the program as neither of us are even remotely “retired”. We are both facing midlife and feeling the need to reorient ourselves to a new rhythm of life, though. In that process, the book hits home, but we each are having to figure out how to make a book written for people with a lot of disposable time fit our lifestyles.

Brenda is working out her pattern and I am working out mine. The program is built around several weekly projects:

  1. The morning pages- 3 pages a day written when you first get up.
  2. Weekly walks- 2 weekly walks of 20 minutes a piece to clear the mind.
  3. Memoir- a 12 step breakdown of life from the beginning asking questions of life designed to bring deeper revelation
  4. A weekly hour-long artistic date with yourself.

The morning pages are to be entirely private.Man!!! are they revealing a lot of what is in my heart.

I don’t know what Brenda will do, but for myself I am going to put my Memoir here for everyone to read. I think knowing where I come from will help you all to understand a lot about my current life and calling at the Vicarage.

This week’s memoir involves 10 questions about my life between the ages of 1-4.

  1. Where did you live?

This was the period of my life when we moved a lot as a family. I know or remember we lived in at least four places during this season of my life.

We lived across from my mother’s friends the Duvarney’s when I was first born. I only know about this place but have no memory of it. Family and friends remember it for me.

We moved to a college up in Vermont after that, where my father worked as part of the cafeteria staff. I remember an old one armed man who used to play soccer with me there. I am told my mother almost died of an asthma attack during the year we spent there.

After my sister was born we moved to the grey house on Tannery Hill in Winchendon. It was an evil place. This was the first place I remember meeting spirits. I was often visited by two spirits there who would come to me at night. To this day I cannot drive past this house without a shudder.

At some point we moved to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Route 202 heading into Baldwinville. My Uncle was stationed in Vietnam at the time and my Aunt had taken an apartment in Hawaii to be nearer to him. So we lived in their house in Winchendon MA until just after I entered Head Start. I remember there was snake that lived in the crack in the rock in the middle of the back yard. I loved to play with him. I also remember a bear coming out of the woods one time when my older cousins and I were swinging on the swings in the back yard.


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