Brenda’s Memoir Question #1

Brenda and I are working through an artistic reboot. What is that you ask? Well both of us feel a little weathered at the moment and the weathered feelings are stunting our creative energy. We have decided to address this stunted feeling by working through a book on restoring artistic passion in the midst of transition.

One of the exercises is called “Memoir”. We are asked to break down our life into 12 units and to answer a list of questions about that period. This exercise is geared to get us to dig into the wells of our past for the waters of creativity that run like rivers under the surface of our lives. Both Brenda and I have chosen to share our insights here on Notes From the Vicarage.

Here is Brenda’s answer to question 1. I am amazed by the details of the story which I do not have in my memory bank.

Where Did you live?

I was 4. I remember we lived in Uncle Dick and Aunt Lore’s house while they were away. There was a swing set out back, and woods to go explore. My cousin Mike, my brother Jay and I were outside playing. I was swinging. I loved swinging. The swings were right next to the woods. I heard something come up behind me, and it was a cute little bear cub. I wanted to pat it and play with it (What 4 year old with teddy bears wouldn’t?)

I began to go over to it, and my brother and Mike said I shouldn’t, which frankly made me want to do it more. They were always telling me what to do and what not to do. The little cub growled at me and I giggled and talked to it. I asked it if it wanted to play, and then His momma came out of the woods GROWLING AND HUFFING and Jay and Mike started to scream to get away. I backed away slowly, Jay and Mike ran in the house. And when I got far enough away I bolted and Momma gave chase….I got up on the porch and to the door with that big bear right behind me, her cub screaming at her “OH MOM STOP IT…She is my friend!” At least that is what I imagine that cub was saying.

Mike had locked me out…I pounded on the door…the bear was at the step. Mike let me in, and the Momma bear took her cub back into the woods talking at him the whole way. I’m not sure but I think we all decided it would be best not to tell the adults what happened that afternoon, or we would get talked at just like that cub and perhaps be sent to bed with out supper. And supper was important after being chased by a bear!


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