3 thoughts on “The Glory Of Story Pt. 3: Restoring the Elders

  1. I love this. But I do offer one thought… Elders can not downplay the new mindsets and technologies of a younger generation.

    What I mean here…balance and strength through relationship and conversation! Both “young and old” have to value the other, so that trust and progress are built!

    Thanks for the conversation PJ! I Love You Bro!


  2. I agree Pastor. What we need is not the elevation of one generation over the other but the cooperation of generations and the recognition that all have a place. The elders must be given a voice to speak with and the young must be given a voice to speak with. One voice is wisdom that comes from time and expereience and the other is the voice of courage and innovation which comes with an understanding of the current context and the new tools the new context brings to the table. Both voices are needed in community.


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