Settling In

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In prayer over the last several weeks I have felt that 2020 is revealing a process of transition in me. I feel like January, February and March were a time of REALIZATION. I sense April, May and June will be about SETTLING IN. I think July and August and September will be about LAUNCHING. October, November and December will be ACCOMPLISHING months.

Settling in is turning into a time of incorporating the pandemic rhythm into my everyday schedule and practicing those things which God has shown me to do.


I am settling into a rhythm of prayer and reading the word: Morning, Noon and Night. I am discovering my morning prayer time tends to extend well beyond the boundaries of the hour, while my noon time prayer tends to hover somewhere around 30- 45 minutes. My night time session has yet to find its most comfortable space between 8 P.M. or just before bed around 10. It seems that this night time regimen is the one most affected by the needs of the family.


I am very excited that writing and blogging have become part of my everyday routine. I am managing between 2 and 3 hours everyday.

This week I blogged everyday. Kept up with a reading schedule and finished three poems.

Winter Still Holds On

Is Everywhen

And That Is Time

In addition I wrote several short pieces in answer to several challenges.

The Watch Human

Rebuilding From the Table Up

Lost In White

The projects list for my book is ready for Monday when I am launching into a big week of editing.


The weather has broken and we have begun the gardening in earnest. We are calling this year’s garden “The Victory Garden”. I have planted 23 pea plants 18 carrots, and 26 spinach plants. Inside I have 4 Romaine lettuce plants, 2 celery, 4 tomatoes, 5 peppers and 3 strawberries

So many other things are happening at The Vicarage too. I feel like each of us are settling into what is to come.

More updates to come…..


6 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Hi, You mentioned how your schedule – prayers etc are kind of settling into pandemic mode. It seems like we as a people are very adaptable. At first we freaked out and were thrown into a panic, then slowly settle down into the rhythm of this new reality. Kind of amazing when you think about it. Having a strong faith helps this process, because we know we’re ultimately in God’s hands.

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    • Yes indeed! I had pneumonia at the beginning of the shut in so my whole world went topsy turvy and it took me most of April to settle into a new routine. IN this settling I have learned a lot about what kind of minister I want to be going forward and what kind I no longer want to be.


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