Living In This New Space

I’ve had a revelation: The world has changed. That has changed the Vicarage. It has also changed everyone who lives in The Vicarage.

My life before the shut in was busy. My life “shut in” is also busy but it is filled with different things and a different kind of busyness now. This busyness feels slower more evenly rhythmic than the busyness from before.

Now that I am mostly recovered from pneumonia my days start early again and they have fallen into a repeating meter: I walk and feed the dogs sometime between 4 and 6 A.M. I pray for an hour or so. I have breakfast with the Fam. Then I do chores until noon. At noon I make lunch for Mom and the Fam and we eat together. I pray again. I take a short nap or do some more chores depending on my level of weariness. I walk the dogs at 3 P.M. I start dinner and start writing (usually I start with blogs and then I do editing on the novel). I start dinner and then have supper with the Fam. Sometimes after supper we play a card game or watch a little TV and then I go back to writing and I usually write until 10 or 11 and then close the day off with prayer.

Brenda’s schedule usually dogs mine. So we end up doing a lot of things together. That has been really good as it has given us lots of time to talk as we plot our separate ministry courses and the renovations of the Vicarage which we now co-own. Here are some of the projects we have been working on since the Shut In.

Roofing the Vicarage
Before raking the Vicarage
After raking. Lots more to do.
Planting the early garden
First attempt….epic fail!!!
Second attempt
Moving around offices
The new office. I think this is going to take a little while

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