The Storm By Brenda J. Lillie

Higher and higher the water rises.  I watch from the seeming safety of the shore, as wave upon wave rushes in to meet me.

Busyness, Hurry, and Frustration lap at my feet. Pulling the sand beneath me out to sea with its power.

I feel drawn to follow, but my heart keeps me here.”Dig your feet in deeper child. Hold fast to your foundation. Do not be moved or swayed.”

Fear, Pain and Anger crash at my feet. Their violent splash washing away every worldly comfort.

My heart longs to dive into after them. Seeking to restore all that’s been lost. “NO!” Whispers the Spirit.

“Dig your feet in deeper still.  The Well Spring of hope lies under your feet.  This vast ocean of -WHAT WAS- must be washed away.”

Still trying to hold on to the known, my toes grasp for each grain of sand, to no avail. I watch as the dreams of normal, the wishes for comfort, are all washed out to sea.

The wind whips up into a frenzied dance. Sand stinging my face. I look out upon the vast ocean.  My feet now safely dug down deep, resting on the Hope that lies beneath.

A glint of light glancing off the waves makes my eyes water. Tears wash down my ravaged cheeks.  Looking up, I hear…

“My Child, I am all around you.  Fear not, your feet are planted on the solid rock of My love.  My hope has been rooted down deep in your heart.  And though the wind may whip, and the seas rage into a maelstrom,  I AM WITH YOU.  Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid.”


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