5 thoughts on “The Weapons Of Our Warfare Pt. 9…No Jealousy

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  2. Thank you Pastor J. This was a great look at jealousy and envy. At comparing and the damage it does. I don’t usually feel like I can do something better than someone, but in comparing, can find I don’t measure up to others . . .which has its own pitfalls. Then I don’t want to even try. And just the comparing process itself is icky. How wonderful that love does away with that! I can just be thankful for others gifts and skills and possessions, and be thankful for mine as well. :). Blessings for your week ahead!

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    • Yes I am the same Deb. I often don’t try because I compare myself to others so I find myself saying “Why bother. They got way more than I did so let them. I will just stay over here in my little corner out of the way.” I lend msyelf to self pity and then….anger…rage…bitterness. Love does away with this cycle in me and so I can rejoice and affirm the gifts of others not needing to prove anything myself.


      • This is so encouraging! I am similar! It’s not encouraging in that I’m happy others struggle like I do but encouraging in that I’m not alone, though I don’t wish the feeling on anyone. I’m so thankful that the Lord provided this direction to stop that cycle. Love is a wonderful and powerful thing indeed! ❤️

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