7 thoughts on “The Weapons Of Our Warfare Pt. 8…The Thing We Fight.

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  2. After having seen on the news that during the previous administration a memo went out that declared Christians in this country enemies of the state, and knowing my blog would put me in that list, I began to have dreams that I was put in a ‘concentration camp’ with other Christians. Power of suggestion? God’s warning? I don’t know. But I have had them off and on since then. I had another last night and was telling my husband about it. I have prayed that if that were to happen, that God would put an angel with me to strengthen me during that time. And here is your video explaining your vision of what is to come and the fact that angels will be sent to help. God’s reassurance to me? I think so. A clear message that we will be given angelic help for the battle ahead, regardless of what that battle actually holds. Thank you for sharing it.

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    • You are welcome. I do not know exactly what happens but I sense that we are in for the “fight” of our lives. We will need the Holy Spirit and the heavenly armies to guide us through and to help us keep our love. As Nollie Ten Boom warned Corrie Ten Boom before she died in Ravensbruk “No hate! No hate!”

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