5 thoughts on “Centering Down

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  2. Pastor J I am so glad I was led to this site. There are so many things that you are talking about that are mirrored in my own life. This is one of them. I am finding, in those times when little things begin to bother me, and I start seeing them as big things, the words come into my mind “Father show me how you look at this.” I do not actively think them, they are just there in my thoughts. And so I am led to pray them and most times that little thing becomes unimportant.

    I’ll be praying for your time in Florida. Have a blessed week.

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  3. Drusilla i and blessed beyond measure that this is speaking to you. Brenda, Amanda, and I really hoped that notes from the vicarage would open up conversations that would lead people deeper into the Arms of Jesus, by giving them a glimpse into our lives and what we do to follow Jesus

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