2 thoughts on “The Rigors

  1. I love this. Having worked with my uncle in the church office for almost 10 years, I understand well the demands on a minister’s time. I never understood just how much is involved in that calling until I settled into the office work and began typing up letters, filing mail, running off the Sunday worship service bulletins and getting a monthly newsletter published each month. In the earlier years, he spent one morning a month at one of the hospitals in Syracuse holding a church service for those there, on top of all the services at our church. There were many days when he was called away to help someone that needed his time, and he never missed a service – from Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday Prayer meeting, Thursday morning Bible study and AWANA on Friday nights – he was always there – until he got sick and just could not do it any more.

    There is a void in my life that opened up when he retired and that got deeper when he died two years ago. To me, he embodied the meaning of being a minister, almost always calm, humble, peaceful, and with such a deep faith and trust; he instilled in me a deeper faith just watching him live out his life. I miss him dreadfully, but thank God for the blessing of working with him all those years.

    After having watched this video, I will be sure to be praying for the three of you, that the Lord would guide you and lead you, and give all of you the strength and wisdom to redeem the time in a way that makes your days easier and brings glory to God as those around you watch your lives.

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