The Endless Possibilites In Letting Go

Brenda says… The possibilities are endless when you let go of what you wanted to be, hoped to be and even what you have been working to be. When we engage in the letting go, God has the opportunity to take us to new and amazing places using gifts we have barely even uncovered.

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Now, it won’t look anything like we imagined, but it will be amazing and better than anything we ever thought possible.

Human nature conditions us to exercise caution, not to leap but look first, to hold on tightly to what we have. But what if what God has for us requires us to let go of our hurt and hangups with reckless abandon?

What if the amazing thing God has for us requires us to leap first and ask questions later, a true leadership of faith?

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What if the incredible thing Gods has for us requires us to let go of those things we think of as ours , because what will be requires all of us?

What if that glorious thing Good has for us requires us to let go of or dreams, goals and personal agenda?

Are you ready to move into the new thing God has for you? Have you counted the cost? It will be high , but the reward will be great!!!


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