In the Rebeginning

In the rebeginning the Vicarage had been formless and void for almost a month. But the Spirit of God moved over the rooftops and said, “Let there be new writings. Let the voices of the ministers spring forth and explain just why they have fallen silent for so long.”

And it was so!

The voices begin to spring forth and they began to tell the story: of a season of questioning and praying, of a season of hardship and blessing, of a season of weariness and intense busyness, of a season of rushing after things that should have been left aside, and of a season of putting aside things that should have been held onto.

The voices sprang forth and cried to the Lord, “Oh Lord give us strength not to fall silent again. Give us wisdom to know how to make the time to write and sing and paint and create as you have made us to do, and to know how to say “No” to the distractions and voices that would draw us away from the anointing you have given us.”

And God responded, “YES AND AMEN!”

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