The Threads Of the Week

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We have been talking the last few days about the threads running through the Vicarage. I know when I say “The threads are a mess”… it offers little more than a metaphor for what is going on…so maybe just a glimpse into our world.

Sunday..Mother’s Day.Mom did not remember it was Mother’s Day and kept asking why we were having a special dinner. She also didn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her pay for her ice cream sundae from Murdock Farm. She enjoyed it anyway.

Monday… we were off to Lynn MA by 8:30 A.M. to visit Melanie, James and Daniella for Mother’s Day. Back to Winchendon by 1:30 P.M. (with a stop at Petsmart and then lunch at Longhorns mind you) so Brenda could hit the road for Syracuse.

Snug has been a little nonplussed about all the comings and goings. He no longer knows when bed time or wake up time is as his Dutch schedule is decidedly different from our American schedule.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday work for me and Amanda was prayer meetings, Bible studies, worship rehersals, hospital visits and nursing home visits, throw in a couple of staff meetings, a track meet for Amanda and dinners made between appointments and our nightly Red Sox game with mom and you have life at the Vicarage…Meanwhile Brenda travels and meets and greets and promotes and fundraises.

Friday is paperwork day at the Cornerstone office and Vicarage alike. Although this week paperwork has to be put aside for Brenda who comes home needing to write two sermons for a woman’s conference in Framingham, MA which she booked while she was in New York ….

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Today I met with my artist’s community, a group called C.cada. I spent the day working on piano parts for upcoming choir rehersals and worship services while stealing time between arpeggios to catch up on blog work.

Amanda traveled with her cousin, Tyler, to Chicopee MA to have lunch with her other cousin, Ryan. Brenda of course is preaching at women’s conference.

Threads continue to converge and bunch in a giant mess. Somehow they still all come out to reveal God’s plan for the minister’s of the Vicarage. Now where are my car keys?


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