Home Again! And Ready For A Fight!

Amanda picked us up at Boston Logan Airport at 9:30 A.M. yesterday. Because of the time change we arrived in Boston at the same time we left South Korea! Can you say jet lag?

Actually it hasn’t been that bad. We got home at noon and visited with Melanie, James, Daniella and Mom for a bit. Once the Franklin family headed home to Lynn, Brenda and I took naps for a few hours. Once I was up I pushed myself to stay up until about 11 P.M.

This morning I began getting back into routine. I was up for prayer at 4 A.M.. I walked the dogs and then went to the store for mom’s papers, scratch tickets and morning cigarettes. Then Amanda and I headed off to the church for staff/ board prayer.

Cornerstone is in a 21 day season of fasting and prayer. The church is open to those who sign up for prayer 24 hours a day. So I prayed for an hour and then had meetings until about 10:30.

Then it was home for some lunch and a nap before walking the dogs again. I did a little house work and then sat down to catch up on some writing. Which of course brings me here.

As I prayed this morning the Lord really impressed upon me, through the writings of other congregants in our congregational prayer journal, that the winter season of our church is over and we are heading into a Spring time season.

The Scripture the Lord gave me to meditate on as He impressed the idea of Spring on me was 2 Samuel 11:1

“In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.”

The word of the Lord to me was that Spring time is a season of spiritual warfare. In this Spring that is upon us we will have to fight as the armies of Israel did. If we do we will possess the land. Conversely, if we make David’s mistake and do not join the fight then we will be taken.

Lord find me ready for the battle!

Boston or Bust Pt. 2

We landed in Boston at 9:30 A.M. this morning. This girl was waiting for us at International Arrivals.

It was such a wonderful breakaway in The Philippines, but I am glad to be getting back to my routine.

Philippines or Bust Pt. 17

The purpose of coming to Guimaras after my son’s wedding was reconnection. We hadn’t seen Joe in two years. Joe’s mom Tina, her husband Terry, Brenda and I haven’t visited with each other in over a year.

Nature’s Eye Resort is an out of the way escape which can only be accessed by foot. Once you are here there is nowhere to go. Yesterday we spent 4 hours playing cards and getting to know our new daughter-in-law, Kristine. This morning the elders of our party (that would be everyone but Joe and Kristine) gathered for a sunrise party

It all feels a little bit like the movie Mama Mia…people who haven’t seen each other in years reconnecting at a rustic resort for a wedding.
The honeymooners cabana
Our lives have taken many unexpected turns. This is one of them and I have to say, we consider ourselves most blessed. This has been a joyous time.