I am sitting here this morning drinking my coffee,

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and I am thinking about the storm we just came through in light of a prophetic word that came to our church back in August.

That word was “prepare for tragedy and prepare for witness”. It came in varied ways to ten different congregants during the time of our pastoral sabbatical.

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I am wondering what does it mean to “prepare for tragedy and to prepare for witness.”

On Monday night the snow began. When all was said and done we had 30 inches of very heavy wet snow that plunged the entire town of Winchendon into darkness for 13 to 24 hours.

My cell phone battery was dead by 6 P.M….hour four of the cold darkness. My daughter was wiser and immediately put her phone into airplane mode and on low power mode. It hardly mattered though the cell towers went down at the same time the power did and internet was completely useless

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

No cell service meant no way to communicate for anyone who didn’t have a landline. No electricity meant no heat for anyone who didn’t have a generator or alternative heat source.

I was pretty proud that our house with new insulation held the heat pretty well. We were just below sixty degrees in the Vicarage when the power went on. Thinking about it though what if we had had a repeat of the ice storm of 2011? Three days without power? What would we do? Mom is not really mobile any longer. I have to be prepared for the next time an event like this comes. I am absolutely sure that a next time isn’t too far off.

But it is not just about preparing for my household. We must prepare for our community.



3 thoughts on “LEARNING TO “PREPARE”

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  2. I think it means a few things. Neighbors checking on neighbors….your community is first the people directly around you. Helping each other…checking in and serving. That’ll witness for sure in these days. And then the greater community needs to be ready with emergency shelter….setting up food from local establishements, and beds in the school gyms and generators….

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