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2020 COVID brought more than disease and quarantine to our house. It brought rats. My family has lived in The Vicarage for something like 45 years and up until pandemic I never saw a rat in the neighborhood. Then in 2020 they were everywhere. I started seeing them on the side property. I would meet them on walks at dusk or dawn with the dogs over by the Catholic Church. Then I started noticing their leavings in our cellar. I put out poison in the cellar. Bought sonic deterrents. Filled in holes where I thought their dens might be. Cleaned out the cellar and sprayed strong fragrances.

The rats went away and I have not seen them again ….until. Today.

You may remember we had the old stone porch taken off the house this past summer. It was falling down and had become a hazard.

We also had to dig up all the pipes in the side yard and have them replaced. Some of the rock that was in the stone porch got buried in the refilling afterwards. Also a couple of larger stones (boulders really) got left in the front by the flower garden. I thought they Made a great lawn ornament. That is until this morning when I noticed that something has taken up residence under the boulders.

I waited to see what would come out of the hole and wouldn’t you know the rats are back. Or at least rat is back. But with Spring coming on I don’t want to have rat babies so…’s time to prepare for rat battle again!


3 thoughts on “THE ARRIVAL OF RATS

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  2. Rats are a big nuisance. Though one day I was in my garden and eight rat babies were literally playing in the flower bed. But I had to call time on them. The rat catcher came and gave me the delightful news that in lonfon we are never more than six feet away from them. Ugh. So long as I gong see them!

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    • I feel the same. I know they are there and the battle against them now that they are here in the neighborhood is going to be a recurring one. I have friends who have noticed an uptick in the region of the rat population.


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