I got home from church and deacon board meeting on Sunday and started feeling sick. By Sunday night I had full on COVID symptoms. I tested, but the test came back negative. By Monday morning I was pretty much relegated to bed. I slept away most of that day. On Tuesday after my second COVID test , which came back positive I slept most of that day too.

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By Tuesday I had gotten word that three more of my staff had come down sick and today a fourth member messaged to say she had tested positive. That leaves my daughter (who has just come out of quarantine) and my personal assistant who had COVID in November running the church.

We have just begun 21 days of fasting and prayer with 30 weekly prayer meetings and the church staff is pretty much in quarantine. My daughter was asking God about this and the answer she got was, “This movement is about the church not about the leadership. The church must rise up and the staff must be put in a position to let them.”

apparently that position is COVID POSITIVE.

So I am joining the prayer meetings remotely and am watching as my parishioners rise up to lead this prayer movement for breakthrough! It is POSITIVE indeed.


19 thoughts on “COVID POSITIVE

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  2. Oh I’m so sorry for you having Covid. My best advice to you is to get as much as, or more, than you think you need. I have long haul Covid and basically have not left my hour since October 2020. Yes that is over two years ago. Prayers are being sent to you and the staff. Be gentle with yourself Pastor Jo. 😀

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      • That is really not my concern. I am not a Dr. But I will tell you that I am so blessed to live in a community that has been so faithful to take care of me and allow me to take care of it through the times of sickness where I cannot take care of myself. In a world filled with strife and bitterness, injustice and lies I am finding a community of unified blessing, love, kindness and peace. That is what I want to talk about. I will leave the discussion about the nature and origins of the disease to those who can handle it and have a heart for it.


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