Dear Family, I have started taking a class at Beals Memorial Library on Wednesday nights. It is called The Joy of Appreciative Living.

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Every day I read a few pages in the text book and then I embark upon daily exercises geared to rewire my brain over the course of this month to help me think more appreciatively.

This morning I was reading and meditating on the idea of my brain being rewired and God began to speak to me about how this rewiring is necessary for me to enter into the next level of prayer effectiveness.

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This class is about learning to appreciate the life I have. There is a lot to appreciate.

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I have a great life. I am not finding it hard to find things to appreciate. The problem is like almost every one else on Earth I am hardwired to think about the negative rather than the positive in my immediate situations. That is holding back my leadership and my faith.

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I know that God is using this season to begin another shift in me to move me to a place of possibility over problems rather than the position of problem over possibility. In the last two weeks I have begun to see the potential for a new level of faith, a new level of ministry, and a new level of personal possibility.

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I sense this journey is going to be epic.

As C.S. Lewis said “Further in and deeper back!”




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