Dear Family,

I went to The Vicarage this morning to do my morning chores. As I was feeding the dogs and the cat I really stopped to take a look around. I thought to myself about the magnitude of the work we have had done in the last year.

The Vicarage outside at the point of demolition last fall.
The Vicarage with new siding
Upstairs bathroom demo
Downstairs bathroom demo

Then I thought about the magnitude of the work that still lies before us after these particular renovations are finished: The washing of floors and walls and curtains itself will take weeks. The windows I have no doubt will be months in the doing. Then there is the fifty years of collected stuff which I am determined to go through and get rid of. This doesn’t;t even begin to mention the further renovations I hope to do to the kitchen, the basement, the back hall and the gardens. So much more to do!

Then there is the work of the church. We are a well established ministry in Winchendon and yet I feel like we are just beginning this work of ministry.

Photo by Todd Trapani on

In all this understanding I am not discouraged. I am excited about the days ahead and the work that goes with them! A new day is dawning. There is so much more to do and so much more to see. One day at a time I will see it!




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