DEAR FAMILY- Good Friday

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Dear Family,

Happy Good Friday! The high Holy Days are among some of my favorite times of the year. Not because of the activity but because of their depth of meaning. Sometimes I think our activity actually takes away from the meaning of the celebration…but then that is just me.

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I am content during the holidays to go to church and eat a nice quiet dinner with family. Of course I have grandkids now so Easter baskets are a part of that dinner.

This year I felt that the church should keep things low key. It was definitely a Spirit leading because one of our congregants is now on hospice…actually just passed this morning ( I just got word in the middle of this writing) and another is transitioning into a nursing home and I am heavily involved in that transition. In fact today I have to drive up to Keene to fill out paperwork.

So many new things are beginning…New house….new carpets in the sanctuary…Next steps for many of our congregants….new opportunities in town. I feel the kingdom of Heaven drawing closer everyday.

Looking Up and Looking Forward,



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