A Note To Joe and Kristine 2-5-22

Dear Joe and Kristine,

No description available.

You two really amaze me! You have accomplished so much in your very brief time as husband and wife. I am so proud of you! I am also so glad that you are looking into the possibility of moving to the U.S.

God had spoken to me in one of my prayer times last year and told me to start preparing the Vicarage. I am not surer exactly why, but I do think your return is one of the reasons for the preparation.

So I have started to prepare.

The project continues in April with new gutters and the stone porch repairs. We are also going to redo the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.

I bought a new mailbox yesterday. I am trying to do little steps everyday to make the house ready for your coming.

I am getting Gramma ready for the move to the next door neighbor’s house. We are so blessed that the neighbor has agreed to rent to us for the eight weeks we have to be out. By the time you get here it will be a whole new house.

Love, Dad


One thought on “A Note To Joe and Kristine 2-5-22

  1. This is exciting news! So wonderful how God speaks to us and helps us prepare for the future. It looks like the renovations are really coming along. The provision of God is amazing! Blessings!


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