A Note to ‘Lella 2-2-22

Good Morning My Sweet Granddaughter Daniella,

My goodness! How time is flying. When I was younger I always heard about how time went faster the older you got. I never believed it, but now I know it is true.

It seems like just yesterday we were picking flowers in the gardens at the Vicarage. But that was months ago now. Today we are getting ready for our second block buster storm of the year. Your dad is getting ready to get stuck any work again, I imagine, and we are all knocking ice out from under the wheels of our cars so they don’t shake when we drive. Those are minor hardships of winter.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I suppose some people think that your old Oz is just a guy who hangs around waiting for Sundays so that I can preach my piece and then sit down on Monday to write my next Schtick. But this season really does move ministers into action.

I was in prayer this morning when one of our congregants called to borrow heaters from the church, for their garage, which was full of water from a burst pipe. Next on my agenda, as the storm approaches I have to get groceries for the Vicarage and for another lady in our congregation who is shut in. Then there are the calls to make to several of our elders whom I have not heard from since our last storm over the weekend.

Y’know ‘Lella this job…it’s busier that any other job I have ever had, but there is so much joy in it…. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I hope when you grow up you can find the joy I have in your life’s calling. I guess that is the message. Don’t just work a job. Live out a calling. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it unto the Lord.

Love, Oz


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