Of Irons and Fires, Of Pots and Burners and the Peace Of God

These last several weeks have been full of living. The Vicarage project has been delayed by permits and weather, but that is probably a good thing. I have been so busy with God’s work these last weeks I am not sure how I would have handled the pace if we had the house project in full swing.

God really does know what He is doing! I am coming to accept that His timing is perfect and waiting is a good thing

There are lots of irons in the fire…..lots of pots on burners….and yet the peace of God is what is controlling me these days. I guess I have come to the realization I am not supposed to put all the irons in the fire at once. I am not responsible for all the pots on all the burners. I am one guy. I am one part of the body of Christ here in little Winchendon MA. The body is responsible for the irons and the pots. I am responsible to equip the body to handle all those irons and pots (well maybe not all of them but the ones we are called to).

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This week as I was in prayer God told me He was going to show me many things that were to go on in the world but that I needed to be careful not to allow what He showed me to distract me from what He had told me to do……otherwise……

Photo by Titus Pop on Pexels.com

He has called me to lead the church to Doing Life Together and to discover our gifts. He has promised that if we did those two things He would help us to reach the lost, send the found and change the world!

I have come to it over the last several weeks that there are several pots I have been trying to get on the burners….several irons I have been hoping to put in the fire that for the moment will just have to wait so that I can fulfill the current call of God.

My book is one of those irons or pots. I am realizing that I will not have the time to finish it and do the work set before me. So….for the moment I am putting this pot back in the fridge….this iron back beside the fireplace. Maybe someday, but not today.

I am also realizing that the delays in the Vicarage project are giving me a better pace. These projects have to happen, but the idea that I was going to get all the work done in these few short months….well that just doesn’t seem to be in the proverbial cards and maybe that is in keeping with the plans and purposes of God.



2 thoughts on “Of Irons and Fires, Of Pots and Burners and the Peace Of God

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  2. Love this Pastor J. It made me laugh and brought to mind more than one time when my plans were not only taken off the burner but were put – not into the refrigerator – but into the freezer.

    My book was relegated to the bottom of the freezer eight years ago when our son-in-law died and we started taking care of our granddaughter during the day. I pull it back out occasionally and work on it a bit, but never seem to get very far with it before something else pulls me away.

    My desire to get our house renovated was also put on the back burner for a while – something I did not handle well because I was getting impatient for things to be done. But, God was working in the life of the guy that was supposed to be doing our renovations about ten years ago to get him into the position of being available for the job, and so our end of things got put on hold time after time – causing no little amount of stress and aggravation here because we were working with state funding and a deadline. But when we talked to the guy and discovered how his life had changed – preparing him for the work – I knew all the delays were for a reason. And now, because of the flooding last month, we are once again in the unenviable position of having to replace and redo the renovations that the guy had done, but are facing more delays with this work.

    But I have noticed that my responses are a complete about-face from where they were ten years ago. Before I was wringing my hands in anxiety, fearing that somehow all the moving parts of the job were going to get messed up. Today, God has filled me with His laughter and joy and peace,and I am just waiting to see how He is going to work this out for us. He REALLY DOES know what He is doing!


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