This Day At the Vicarage 9-5-20

Brenda returned from her mini break away at Lake Winnepesaukee last night just as Amanda and I were heading out to have coffee at the home of parishioniers.

Here are some photos Brenda took while away…

She had a good time. While she got settled back in to the Vicarage,Amanda and I had a great time at the home of Ray and Deb Parker who made a wonderful cobbler to go with our coffee. We have been going over and spending time with this couple every few weeks. It is part of how the church has to adapt in these days.

We cannot rely on seeing or being able to converse with folks in church any longer. So, visiting in small groups while social distancing seems to be the new way of doing church life.

This week I visited with a number of people over coffee and prayer.

This is an old photo but I visited with these friends Stev and Pastor Donna Slocum early in the week
Our friend Norma
Our friends Ray and Deb

Living by the slow, constant , intentional schedule God has given me is becoming more and more of a routine ,and as it does my life becomes quieter and quieter, even in those moments where the activity is swirling around me.

The one thing I have noticed is that while the work is not as taxing, it is nothing like a normal schedule. The rest of my family works during the day and then sits down to relax in the evening. My day starts when I get up and ends when I go to bed. There are times of rest, times of relationship, times for work, times for exercise and times for fun built throughout it, but the times keep moving now. My life has become monastic. I live by the bells now (on my phone): Exercise, reading, writing, housework, family time, study, and prayer all move in synchronicity according to the bells. When the bells on my phone ring I am on to the next thing in order.

I suppose for most people this would be problematic. I am finding it a problem solver, even if it means I do not necessarily fit in with the rest of the world’s ebb and flow as well anymore.

Well it is time to move on to supper time chores everyone.

I look forward to tomorrow Dear Friends

Pastor J


3 thoughts on “This Day At the Vicarage 9-5-20

  1. Would you like to join our Senior group at the Red Apple farm on Sept 24 at 11 you could bring your mom nice outing. Let me know and I’ll bring lunch for all of us. I would love to se you

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