This Day At the Vicarage 8-22-20

Well, my migraine left after a good night’s sleep. Thank goodness!

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It left a lot to clean up today. Taking almost a full day off yesterday put me a bit behind on the plans I had for housework and volunteer work today. I take comfort in the fact that God wasn’t surprised by it at all. He knew it was coming. He planned for it, even if I did not.

This morning as I woke up He reminded me that in spite of the rather large to do list screaming inside my head I needed to remain slow, constant and intentional. The day had to start in the Sage’s Cave.

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During that first hour of prayer He settled me into my daily rhythm and warned me not to rush or depart from it. He reminded me that I had to walk the day’s cycle and keep coming back to prayer if the day was going to be a success. So I have done that: pray, exercise, write, read, chores, family time, study and then back to prayer time.

I got a call at around 7:30 A.M. from one of our elderly parishioners who was being transported by the ambulance to the hospital in Keene NH. I hung up and clocked the fact that I was at perfect peace even though I knew I was going to have to take the hour and a half drive to be my dear friend’s ride home in a few hours (she is often transported and after getting a good dose of medicine is almost always discharged within a few hours). I felt the Spirit urge me to just keep moving on with my schedule.

So I did. My study today was the second half of a video by artist Makoto Fujimura on the love of God.

After study and prayer, I felt like I needed to get ready to go. Just as I was finishing brushing my teeth the call came in to take my ride to Keene.

Parking Services | City of Keene

When I finished helping my friend I came home and after lunch I took a walk with Brenda around the D.A.R. Park.

The rhythm has repeated all day: Prayer, exercise, writing, reading, chores, family time, study and back to prayer…

Tonight, I feel very peaceful and fairly accomplished. I think I am going to go sit with Mom for a bit now. Maybe we will watch some more of the History Channel tonight. She seemed to like that the other night and it is a welcome break from Hallmark.

It is time now to sign off here and to say…

I am looking forward to tomorrow Dear Friends!

Pastor J


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