This Day At the Vicarage 8-17-20

I started “Notes From the Vicarage” a little over a year and a half ago. My intention then was to give you all a glimpse into the life of our family of pastors.

Things have gone a little sideways since then and… well this blog hasn’t become all that I hoped it would be. I like what it is….but it needs something. It needs the curtain pulled back a bit so that you all get a better glimpse of what life for us is really like here at the Vicarage.

So I am going to try, as many times a week as I can, to do a new type of post. “This Day At the Vicarage” will be more of a journaling experiment than anything and I hope that you will enjoy the read.

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Today would traditionally be my day off, but since pandemic started days off don’t mean the same thing. I got up at 4:30 A.M. to walk the dogs and then went back to bed until 9 A.M.

Mom, Brenda and I watched Perry Mason until 11 A.M. while Amanda drove to Lynn to watch Daniella (my grandaughter)

so that Melanie and James (my daughter and son-in-law) could go to Melanie’s baby appointment. YES MELANIE IS GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!!! Today was the day they found out the baby’s gender.

Melanie and James have picked out one boy name and one girl name. They have kept the names top secret until today and as a reveal they gave us the name of the baby according to his or her gender. Here’s the fun part…they gave us the name jumbled up and then told us that in order to find out the sex of the baby we would have unjumble the name.

Here is what they gave us: “Gybiavienaial”


Brenda and I went to a local eatery to try and figure out the name over sandwiches and sodas.

Then we took a ride down Rte. 124 into Fitzwilliam NH and then back into Winchendon MA to The Vicarage so we could take our precious little dogs for their afternoon walk.

We pulled in the drive to see this little guy. He was injured somehow and couldn’t fly. I was able to get him to take some water, but before I could get a box to put him in, he jumped away into the deep bushes at the end of the garden. 😦

In between all these goings on I managed to write my daily blogs and spend a few hours in prayer. I have been a feeling a bit out of balance these last few weeks. I think I am letting the world get to me. I know I am letting myself feel the expectations of the world around me a bit too much. Prayer is as always, for me, the answer.

After dinner which tonight was leftovers (DO YOU LIKE LEFTOVER NIGHT?) Brenda and I walked the dogs and spent about an hour on the porch in the gloaming. It was a great conversation regarding personalities and mental health. Yes that is the kind of stuff we sometimes discuss on our front porch.

The rain has come in at last and so I am finishing up for the night and heading off to bed.


3 thoughts on “This Day At the Vicarage 8-17-20

  1. I like this Pastor J. I love reading about how others spend their days, but when it comes to sharing mine like that, I find my days so boring and uneventful that I don’t want to share it. Thank you for the insight into your daily life. I am working on the name but so far am stumped.

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