The Frames of Our Lives

Pastor Dan is our lead Pastor. We wanted to share a few of his thoughts with you

Dan Lewiston

“Changing the frame doesn’t change the picture it changes the way you look at the picture.” Author Paul Scanlon

I am afraid that way to often, we look at the picture(s) of our life through the frame of self, pain, hurt, sin, humanness, etc… Way more often than we look through the frame of God’s amazing love for us, His forgiveness, His signature on the masterpiece of our life, and His plan for us. Perhaps the frames we use have burdened the plan of His call for our life. Thus making the burden way to heavy for us to carry, way to obsolete to be relevant in this time, perhaps even too ugly for the beauty that He has created all around us.

The thoughts of my heart and soul, are now shifting to visual of His ultimate enjoyment in seeing you and I be more like Him, than the…

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