LAUNCHING IN 5,4,3,2….

The Bridge Artistic Network has just officially been LAUNCHED as a FACEBOOK Group! It is for artist of every ilk and all ages. We all remember what it felt like starting out…and we know what it feels like being where we are…COME JOIN THE COMMUNITY AND ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION…And Help each other to GROW AND THRIVE!

If you know me, you know I have a heart filled up with love for artists.  I want them to know they are cherished, that their work, their gifts, their talents and abilities have great purpose and value!

I mean can you imagine trying to weather the storm of COVID19 with out the arts and entertainment?  What about falling in love or going through a break up with out music, or even just a long drive by yourself?  What would life be like without theater, dance movies, television?  What about painting, drawing, poetry, writing…Sculpting, Sewing, quilting, costuming, cooking…THE LIST OF STYLES AND KINDS IS ALMOST ENDLESS!

While COVID 19 says we must practice social distancing (Because we love each other enough to stay away!), we need not feel alone or useless.  SO LET YOUR CREATIVE FLAGS FLY FREE AND JOIN US ON FACEBOOK at

The Bridge Artsitic Network and become a vital part of the conversation!


Can’t wait to see what is about to happen!!!

See you at the Bridge!

Brenda J.


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