The Trouble With New

Guimaras Sunset

We read “His mercies are NEW every morning.”

We hear “You learn something NEW every day.”

We know He is doing a NEW thing and right now it is springing forth!

NEW. Everything is made NEW!

Today is a NEW day!

We want NEW clothes, a NEW car, a NEW house, a NEW job!

We say we want to go in a NEW direction.


It’s not a lie, we do desire the NEW.  We long to step out of our ordinary into the EXTRAORDINARY.

The trouble with NEW is that in order to reach out for the NEW thing, we need to let go of the OLD.  That old comfortable pair of shoes that has taken us this far down the pilgrm road, needs to be tossed into the bin.  We need to cast off the OLD to embrace the NEW.

The trouble with NEW is that it’s uncomfortable.  And for those comfort-seekers among us, NEW doesn’t feel right, even when we know it is.

The trouble with NEW is that it requires great FAITH to begin the journey.

It requires a HOPE to believe the impossible is possible.

It requires a JOY that makes our strength unstoppable.

It requires a LOVE for others, that is greater than our own desires for safety and comfort.


The trouble with NEW is that, to get from the ordinary to the EXTRAORDINARY, you have to do something EXTRA.  You must study EXTRA  hard, delve EXTRA deep, go the EXTRA mile.

So-  Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? To go from the ordinary to the EXTRAORDINARY?  Because the trouble with NEW is that it requires your LIFE -AS A LIVING SACRIFICE.



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