7 thoughts on “The Weapons Of Our Warfare Pt. 15…no anger, no dark thoughts

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  2. This has only now made me realize a change in myself that I was consciously unaware of. (Does that make sense?) One of the problems I have always had is letting my mind go to conversations with people that I am upset with. You know, all those conversations where I would tell them point blank just how upset I was with them and why. In my mind I would also fight with them against their believing the lies that were spread about me and my attempts to exonerate myself in their eyes. I would point out all the things that would show the lies for what they are and explain just why they did not fit with the truth.

    Well, Praise God! I haven’t had any of those imagined conversations in a long time – since I truly began to hand over my thoughts and feelings and the pain that used to engulf me. I haven’t even thought about it in months.

    What an Awesome God we serve!

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    • It is amazing how He does things and we don’t even notice for a time because the change is so subtle it feels only like a soft shift. He is gracious like that many times. I have had the same experience Drusilla and know all about those raging conversations we have in our imagination.

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  3. I call this looping, when I do it! :). And what a blessing that He can continually do His work in us so that the looping stops! Yay Jesus! It reminds me of taking every thought captive to Christ. The last time something happened and I wanted to keep looping it all, He blessed me so much by helping me replace the looping with thanks . . .with having me just be thankful for the person!

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