7 thoughts on “The Weapons Of Our Warfare Pt. 11… A Non Rude Awakening.

  1. This was very timely for me. We’ve had a couple dealings with a neighbor over the past few years that kind of reached a tipping point for me Saturday. This guy has lived in the neighborhood almost as long as I have (32 years) but there was always one property between us. A few years ago he bought that property between us and decided to knock down the house there. Our property and the one he bought is sandwiched between two roads, his property is on the road behind us. He told us he was going to come in from the back of the property so as not to do any damage to our lawn, and would make sure that none of the glass and stuff from the house would get in our lawn. I had just come home from an emergency appendectomy and heard the sound of machinery. There was a backhoe going across our lawn to begin knocking down the house. My husband walked over and confronted the men doing the work and the excuse the neighbor’s son gave us was that they were not sure where the property line was. He had been shown numerous times where the line was, so we knew that was a lie. So they proceeded to dig up our lawn and then left glass shards and other debris scattered all over. There have been other things over the course of the years, but Saturday he tried to bring a backhoe again across our lawn because he didn’t think anyone was home and he didn’t want to dig up his own lawn. I went out and started yelling, told him he better stay on his side of the line. When he said he would I reminded him of the fact that he had said that before and then went ahead and dug up our lawn. I watched as the guy that owned the backhoe looked between us and then said something. The neighbor pointed at the property line and the guy shook his head and walked back to his truck. I was far enough away so that I could not hear what was said, but the guy backed the backhoe back past our house and stopped to apologize, making me realize that the neighbor must have told him to go through our lawn, over the bushes we had planted there and through a maple tree that was there. I felt the restraining hand of the Holy Spirit on me, controlling my thoughts and words, but I was so angry, and did not bother keeping my voice down. I knew I could not let them just destroy our property again, but I wonder now if I should not have walked over and calming talked to them, instead of letting my anger out in a yell across the lawn.

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    • Drusilla, I think it is more challenging when things like this happen in person. And you have to respond quickly. I had someone lash out at me in an email, and while it shook me and I felt bad, there was a buffer of them not being there in person, so that I could pray and listen for Him. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I agree with Debbie Drusilla. It is easier when we have a buffer. Each circumstance dictates a different response and I have missed the mark of perfection in this as much as I have hit the target. I have found the only way to maintain in the moment is to be fully prepared for them by meditation and prayer knowing they will come. I wish I could say I have achieved excellence in this matter. I am still just a learner, but I know Jesus is glad to have me as a student.

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    • I don’t get this right either, all the time. When I do, I am so amazed and thankful and know it is God who helped me and gave me the words . I just realized something too. I often say I am not good verbally, and would rather write someone than talk to them in person or on the phone. Now I know why I feel this way . . .it is because of needing to respond instantaneously and I shy away from that”. Today I am specifically asking Him to help me and ready me for the responses I will need to give today. Thank you, Pastor J!

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      • Most welcome Deb! The last Pastor I served under taught me a great lesson. He would often say to me, “J, Respond do not react. The more important a situation is the longer time we should take and think about our response to it.”
        He would often tell people, “I cannot give you an answer to that right now. I need to pray first.”
        He was also a big believer in writing down responses. Many times he would even bring those written responses to meetings and read them.

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  3. I am the same, Debbie. I would rather write my thoughts out on paper instead of having a face-to-face. It gives me a chance to sift through my feelings and sort out what I want to say. I never think in terms of praying for control and guidance at the beginning of each day, but I guess I better start. I am not normally one to get that angry and start yelling at someone, but it must have just hit me wrong.

    I did want to let you and Pastor J know that I kept thinking about it all week and ended up apologizing
    to the neighbor Saturday. i told him that being a Christian, it was not the right way to react and that God let me know through my Bible study and prayer time that He was not pleased with my actions and I needed to apologize. He said to not think anything of it and we were good. So, we’ll see.

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