7 thoughts on “The Wound Underneath.

  1. Good stuff!!!
    I’ve actually been doing a study on the armor of God lately, because the concept of making sure that I’m prepared for battle kind of got lost amidst the fight. 🙂 I actually just posted a blog post on my “Just Live It” blog that kind of gets into it… But basically, there has been a lot of people hurting around me that I’ve tried to be strong for. And it just started to feel as though I had nothing left to give, because I was praying FOR so many… but I wasn’t taking the time to pray for MYSELF. I was so focused on taking care of others that I didn’t think to ask Him to guard my own heart. Once I fixed that I was filled with such a renewed sense of strength, peace, and joy! 🙂
    But all that to say (after this tangent), it’s so true that we also need to seek God to heal the hurt within our hearts. I’ve never heard that concept before (of making sure there isn’t a wound under the armor), but it’s SO true!!

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    • I am finding that I must spend time in silence before Him everyday so He can mend and heal any brokenness that comes from my own foolishness (which is copious) or from my past which left me with many wounds some of which I am just coming to understand.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing what God told you about putting our armor over wounds . . .that we need to go to Jesus with our wounds, so they can be healed. And the armor can work effectively. I recently was caught off guard by something, so this is a good message for me! Blessings!

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  4. I was struck, as I listened to you, with how easy it is to go through our days not acknowledging, or even realizing, that we are carrying around wounds that fester down deep. And how easy it is to not see that the wound is hindering our walk. Thank you for sharing this, Pastor J. I’ll be looking forward to your series on spiritual warfare, and praying for your healing.

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