Cast Of Characters Pt.3


Here is the next installment of our cast of characters.

The part of Pastor Amanda will be played by Amanda Lillie AKA :Mandy, Manda, Pandabear,and sometimes Francine

Her Dad says of her…Amanda is a minister with the Assemblies of God and serves as Children’s Pastor at Cornerstone Church. She has also worked extensively with people with disabilities in the public sector. She is possessed of an intensely observant nature and sharp wit…..

You may ask, dear reader, why Dad had to answer this question for her. It is because when Dad asked for a byline this is what he got…

“Amanda is single, still lives at home with Dad, is a children’s minister….blah blah blah….this is my happy face…. I am Groot.”

As I said sharp wit.

Her being Groot does however explain the flerken.


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