Philippines or Bust Pt.13

Guimaras morning


Philippines or Bust Pt.12

This was an absolutely lovely day. Weddings here in the Philippines are very different. Oh, the words are the same, but the traditions, they are totally different.

Preparation for everyone started at 7 AM. It was at that point the photos started rolling. When I first heard that it was going to take us from seven until one to get ready I didn’t believe it.Boy, was I wrong we used every bit of preparation time to get ready. The photo shoot before the wedding even started was epic

The wedding planners, Jericho and Cherry And their team kept everything is moving smoothly throughout the day. That was no small feat with 20 sponsors 12 attendance two flower girls a ringbearer and parents and grandparents to keep track of.
The church looked amazing! The service was lovely
After the throwing of the flower petals and the release of the doves the entourage was taken by van to the reception venue
The reception venue was no less ornate. The program for the reception was incredibly detailed
Now my son is married and I have a new daughter, Kristine! Tomorrow we head for a resort on the ocean. I am told reception there is spotty. So I may or may not be able to post for a few days. The vicarage will be back.

Philippines or Bust Pt.9

Here are some more photos of our Philippine architecture excursion.


Molo Chirch

The resurrection altar frescoe at Molo

Joe’s mom Tina and her husband Terry live in SouthCarolina now so we don’t see each other on the regular. It was nice to catch up!

Philippines or Bust Pt. 6

After a final four hour delay in Manila, Brenda and I made it to IloIlo City., We discovered I am severely allergic to volcanic ash though, I was miserable during my time breathing the air of Taal Volcano. I was fine as soon as I got on the plane.

Went to supper with these guys