Visitors To the Vicarage- The Franklins

This is a busy week at the Vicarage. Today started with some special visitors.

We hadn’t had the Franklin family out to the Vicarage since Christmas
Daniella really enjoyed walking the grounds and watching the animals.
Daniella loved playing with Francine‘s cat.
Francine is what she calls Amanda.
Since we probably won’t see her again before her second birthday, we decided to hold her birthday party today. She and great grandma even sat together for a little bit.


This is a trailer for Brenda’s current show playing in The Netherlands. Her team is travelling and ministering while Brenda is here in The U.S. raising her personal support for the mission and capital for the next part of the project which is the Bridge Artists Ministry.

If you would like more information about booking Brenda at your church or information about how to support the ministry you can find it by clicking here at GONETHERLANDSAG.COM