This Day At the Vicarage 11-10-20

As usual the dogs and I were up at 4 and out for a walk by 5. Even with the turn back of the clocks it is still pitch black at that hour…and quiet, which I really love.

I find myself slipping easily into the prayer cave at this hour of the morning and these are moments of deep revelation. I feel sad for people who cannot make the connection with the Divine. God’s Spirit is so marvelous and mysterious to me I want to weep for anyone who cannot touch it. I find it even sadder that so many of my brothers and sisters have no desire for this place of prayer and communion. I do not know what I would do without it.

Today is hair cut day. 8 A.M. I really need it.

This rhythm of this day is already well established and so I am hoping it will continue on at its even easy pace so that I can have more time in the Preseence, more time to write, more time to read and more time to clean my office…..Oh yeah Mercedes is also in bad need of a bath.

Well on to the next thing!



Brenda: Bye Bye Green Acres!

This experiment is costing us all something. Brenda writes:

So, here I am down to brass tax or as I like to call Pack it or chuck it? To deep clean or not to deep clean THAT is the question. whether ’tis nobler to pick up that mop and do outrageous dusting or take up my position in the lazy boy and nap…. I have now repacked my bags 3 times. And everything that can go has gone. It is not easy moving across the ocean for a year with 2 suitcases a back pack and a dog! But whatever else may hap….tomorrow will come….we will take off and we will land….and there will be a bread bowl of chowder had!

I’m shutting down my computer now….and packing the last few things into my car. It is time to shut my house down and walk away. SIGH….But I will be quite happy when I land tomorrow…for now I live in the in between.There will most certainly be a poem about this coming at some point.

Brenda is leaving Green Acres for….The Vicarage!

Last day(s) on the farm:

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