J’s Memoir: Locations and Other Memories

I have come to the end of the memoir questions for this week with these two questions:

Describe a location where you remember spending time.


What other memories occur to you from this period? Did you discover anything in your memoir that you would like to explore in an artist’s date?

Honestly these first years, are years of which I only have glimpses. My first solid memories, aside from meeting my first spirits, are entrenched in the next four years of my life.

I suppose if there is any place I remember it is my Gramma Tenny’s House on School St. in Winchendon. It was the little brown farmhouse where my mother grew up. I remember my grandmother always sat on the corner of the couch closest to the window in the parlor. She was seldom out of that spot (which reminds me a lot of my mother now). She was continually knitting mittens and hats (which doesn’t remind me of my mother at all).

My Aunt Libby and Uncle Lawrence lived in the house next door. I can remember my Uncle Tom taking me for walks into the woods along the forest path which was well worn by members of my family. I also remember that while all my older cousins were free to explore the woods to their hearts content (except for my cousins Karen and Terrie who we didn’t see often the next youngest cousin was four years my senior and many of my cousins were teens when I was born), I always had to travel with a cousin holding my hand and could only go as far as the bridge. I was a literal drag.


J’s Memoir Question 4

The artistic reboot program Brenda and I are working through is called It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again.

The book is actually written for the newly retired; So Brenda and I are having to modify the program as neither of us are even remotely “retired”. We are both facing midlife and feeling the need to reorient ourselves to a new rhythm of life, though. In that process, the book hits home, but we each are having to figure out how to make a book written for people with a lot of disposable time fit our lifestyles.

Brenda is working out her pattern and I am working out mine. The program is built around several weekly projects:

  1. The morning pages- 3 pages a day written when you first get up.
  2. Weekly walks- 2 weekly walks of 20 minutes a piece to clear the mind.
  3. Memoir- a 12 step breakdown of life from the beginning asking questions of life designed to bring deeper revelation
  4. A weekly hour-long artistic date with yourself.

The morning pages are to be entirely private.Man!!! are they revealing a lot of what is in my heart.

I don’t know what Brenda will do, but for myself I am going to put my Memoir here for everyone to read. I think knowing where I come from will help you all to understand a lot about my current life and calling at the Vicarage.

This week’s memoir involves 10 questions about my life between the ages of 1-4.

Question # 3 was Did you have any pets? The answer to that is no.

Since that question was so short and boring here is my answer to question #4 as well

What is you earliest memory?

I have a lot of snatches. My father taking away my pacifier because he thought I was too old for it (my first word was “friend” and that was my pacifier’s name).

Image result for pacifier

I remember crying in my crib over losing “Friend”.

I remember watching late night horror shows with Dad. Maybe because it kept me quiet after losing “Friend”. I don’t really know that to be true…but maybe

I remember my grandmother castigating me in the kitchen because I was potty training and had an accident. I remember her and my mother fighting over it.

I remember the spirits in the grey house visiting me and tormenting me. I remember my parents not believing me that they were real (who could blame them I guess).

Image result for ghosts

I remember the one armed man and the snake in the back yard and the bear

I remember my Aunt Lore cutting my hair in the kitchen of her house on Route 202 before she left for Hawaii. I remember squirming in the chair and making her mad.