Well, last night I took a load of trash to the dumpster. We are working to declutter the vicarage.

We’ve got a ways to go

But we are making some good headway:New floor mats in the kitchen, new bath mats in the downstairs bathroom and new curtains in Brenda’s room.


Another New Thing

Another new thing we’re trying at the vicarage this year is healthy living. I heard you’re supposed to drink a minimum of 64 Oz of liquid a day. Well, I suppose that really means water but, you know, baby steps. I also heard that you can have up to you 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water, so that would mean I should really be drinking 133 oz of water a day. You do the math.

Anywho, this is my attempt at liquifying my body. I made throat soothing tea of ginger, lemon, honey and water before I left the house and my goal is to drink these this morning. That would be 45 Oz.

All:We Need a Trickle Charger

J says: Brenda arrived on Tuesday in the afternoon. We all, as a family, pretty-much hit the ground running after that. I went right back to work Wednesday morning. I took a quick break around 11 a.m. to help her get a cell phone running, and then went back to work to prep for my evening classes. Thursday was a 12-hour day, followed by a conference on Friday. By yesterday’s breakfast with my friend Jody I was in the throes of a full-on Spring cold

Even eggs Irish couldn’t save me from its effects. I ended up spending most of Saturday in bed trying to recuperate.

Amanda says:

Life at the camp has been pretty good. It’s had its challenges, but this is my devotional scene every morning.

Yesterday I came home and dad was in bed with a cold. Picasso sat with me for a while though so that was good even if he had peed in protest on some of my linens while I was gone. Sheesh!

Brenda says: My cousin Dan took me to breakfast this morning

Getting up in his truck was no joke but breakfast was good. He told me about this special charger he has for car batteries. It’s called a trickle charger. Apparently it is designed to charge car batteries slowly so that they don’t blow up.

After breakfast I headed out for Hyannis where I am preaching this weekend. This is the view from my room

I think what we all need as a family right now is a trickle charger for transition. Things are happening fast, and we all need a moment or two to just breathe in Jesus and breathe out peace.

J: The Logistics Of Cattywampus

Like my daughter Amanda I enjoy routine and schedule. Like my sister Brenda I enjoy routine and schedule. Here’s the thing all of us enjoy our own routines and our own schedules. That said, God is calling us to a time of blending our routines and schedules together.

I am not exactly sure why God is doing this, but I do know God never does anything without a purpose. He wastes nothing.

Today started at 2:39 a.m. for me. I woke up with a raging sore throat. I went downstairs to the kitchen and gargled with salt water as quietly as I could. Then I went back to my room and began the process of welcoming the day in prayer. This is a deviation from routine for me because normally I would begin my prayer time in the workroom. Now with Brenda sleeping one room away, and Snug being so sensitive to sound at the moment I wanted to keep it as quiet as possible until a decent hour. I have been practicing for the last few weeks starting prayer in my room.

Brenda and I had to be at Pastor Dan’s house for 7:45 a.m. , so by 6 a.m. I was walking and feeding dogs and feeding the cat and cleaning the litter box and going to the store for mom’s morning papers, cigarettes and scratch tickets.

Then it was off to Sturbridge for a prophetic conference and so Brenda could pick up the car she’s renting from the district office for the next month or so.

The conference was super good. Both Pastor Dan and I felt very affirmed in what is happening at Cornerstone Church. I feel like God is teaching me more and more about the gift he placed in me from the beginning.

Brenda meanwhile picked up her car and had to head home to practice her sermon for this weekend in Hyannis.

Pastor Dan and I pulled in to town after the conference around 3 p.m. . I ran home walked the dogs, and crashed for a nap as once again I was feeling a bit under the weather.

When I got up Brenda asked if we could go to the church to print off her sermon and so she could try it out on me. So at 8 p.m. we were at the church practice preaching. Hyannis is in for a treat.

After practice preaching we returned home to walk dogs and feed the cat and to dispense moms medication for the night.

The schedule right now feels a little cattywampus but you know I don’t think I would have it any other way. This is life and it’s life to the full. Sure, in the newness there is a lot to work out. There are some complicated logistics to working the schedule, our schedules together. This is a work in progress but it’s God’s work. It’s fun work. You won’t find me complaining because we get to do all this fantastic stuff of life and ministry together. There aren’t too many families that have such intricate and interesting opportunities.

Jacopo and Mercedes: Who Let the Dogs Out

Mercedes- Jacopo, dear, do you feel the something coming?

Jacopo- What’s a something?

Mercedes- It’s anything that is not a this or that.

Jacopo- Oh yes I feel that. I’ve felt it since FIRST SMELL left.

Then I felt it again when ALPHA woke us up so early and put us in the smelly wet.

Mercedes- I hate being wet.

Jacopo- I hate being smelly. Why can’t he just let us keep that wonderful poo smell?

Mercedes- Boys!

Jacopo- Wait I hear ALPHA’S Vroommer…. Now I smell a new smell! It smells like….

Jacopo and Mercedes- OUR SON!!!

And so commenced three hours of barking at the vicarage. It will be days before we manage to calm them down.

Cast Of Characters Pt. 5

WE ARE 25.5 HOURS AWAY FROM #notesfromthevicarage

Let’s continue to meet the cast

The parts of Jacopo snd Mercedes will be played by Jacopo and Mercedes.

While these two dogs are in great need of a bath and a haircut. They are just the cutest.

The part of Snug, will be played by Snug the Duke of Lennox

Snug is Metcedes and Jacopo’s son. He is also just the cutest. Hopefully all this cuteness can stand to be in one room together.

The last member of our cast…the Flerken will be played by Picasso the Flerken

The only non earthling if our cast Picasso hails from another galaxy. Oh I know he looks like an ordinary housecat …but is he? You will have to be the judge.