Cast Of Characters Pt. 5

WE ARE 25.5 HOURS AWAY FROM #notesfromthevicarage

Let’s continue to meet the cast

The parts of Jacopo snd Mercedes will be played by Jacopo and Mercedes.

While these two dogs are in great need of a bath and a haircut. They are just the cutest.

The part of Snug, will be played by Snug the Duke of Lennox

Snug is Metcedes and Jacopo’s son. He is also just the cutest. Hopefully all this cuteness can stand to be in one room together.

The last member of our cast…the Flerken will be played by Picasso the Flerken

The only non earthling if our cast Picasso hails from another galaxy. Oh I know he looks like an ordinary housecat …but is he? You will have to be the judge.


Cast Of Characters Pt.4


Let’s continue meeting our cast.

The part of Pastor J. will be played by J. Lillie AKA PJ, Dad and Oz

J. Lillie has been a minister in the town of Winchendon since 1991. He currently works as an assistant to Lead Pastor Dan Lewiston at Cornerstone church. He is an extremely serious sort. No fun and games with this guy.

Cast Of Characters Pt.3


Here is the next installment of our cast of characters.

The part of Pastor Amanda will be played by Amanda Lillie AKA :Mandy, Manda, Pandabear,and sometimes Francine

Her Dad says of her…Amanda is a minister with the Assemblies of God and serves as Children’s Pastor at Cornerstone Church. She has also worked extensively with people with disabilities in the public sector. She is possessed of an intensely observant nature and sharp wit…..

You may ask, dear reader, why Dad had to answer this question for her. It is because when Dad asked for a byline this is what he got…

“Amanda is single, still lives at home with Dad, is a children’s minister….blah blah blah….this is my happy face…. I am Groot.”

As I said sharp wit.

Her being Groot does however explain the flerken.

Brenda: Transitions

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I am in the in-between. I am beginning to leave (my home in the Netherlands where I minister), and it is a jumble of feelings. I love the sights and smells of spring in the Netherlands.

Walking down the market street one last time doing my last errands, taking my car off the road, cancelling my insurance, talking with my landlord about logistics, I keep saying, “I have to get to this. I need to do that.”

My landlord keeps saying,”Slow down, I will take care of what you can not.”

It reminds me of the words in Scripture, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and learn from me, take my yoke upon you ; my yoke is easy and my burden light.”

SO in the rush and hurry of beginning to leave I remember to slow down, and breathe in these precious last moments with my friends and colleagues and of this land I have grown to love and call my home.

I wrote this yesterday:

I woke up with a thought today about leaving. It is hard, full of emotions, this hurtling into the future and the unknown, but I would never want it to be easy. It being difficult and sad and hard means I have loved and am loved. I have done my job as a human being. If this transition were easy, if it felt like I was losing nothing, (and I know this from experience) then love would be missing. I would much rather be hurt by loving too much than loving too little. Leaving should never be easy. That is just my thought for the day as I journey ever closer to the unknown.