Studying is a big part of my job. Weekly I prepare for three services and five videos.

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I am almost always just keeping up with the reading my life requires. I have always liked study and so to have a job that requires me to discipline myself to that work is such a blessing.

Currently I am leading two studies dealing with life’s offenses and a study for young men through the Book of Acts. This morning I sat down in front of the computer and went item by item through all the material for my Sunday sermon, my Monday class and then my Tuesday class. After that I finished off video number five for my on line devotional.

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I try to spend a bit of time each day on each class I have to teach each week. That way the material stays fresh in my mind and has time to deepen. Each exposure to the material drives me further into understanding. Cramming causes me to forget and leave out so much when it comes to the actual teaching.

I don’t usually get to go over the material everyday, but the goal is a good one to shoot for. and it keeps driving me to grow in this discipline of study.



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