A Change

By Brenda Lillie

Something must come, I think.
Something always will.
Still, deeper into this thought I sink,
Surrounded by static, stepping closer to the void.
Have you noticed all the noise?
We here, toiling and spinning
Trying to do some soul winning.
Getting caught up in the whir of today,
Never noticing the slow decay.
Stuck in the onslaught of chaos
Not one moment left for careful thought
In this world of
“Listen to this!”
“Hear that!”
We are getting lazy and fat,
Sitting inside our holy walls
Afraid to answer God’s real call.
To go and be His light
To all of humanity.
Instead we fight for our rights
While the world sinks into insanity.
“Hear me!” they cry, while they settle in to die.
“They are the far left.” we sigh, and so we pass them by.
No wanting to heed the call
No room for mistakes.
And so the earth shatters and quakes.
No room to grow, we gotta just keep the status quo.
Meanwhile under the heavy load of cares and pain.
The world around us continues to strain.
And so it goes, but still
Something must come.
Something always will


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