Brenda’s Observations From Week 1 Of the Gauntlet

So here is what I noticed on my sojourn to West Virginia this week.
1. America, your roads SUCK! Seriously car eating potholes.
2. Almost every town in Pennsylvania ends with a “burg” or a “ville”. And they all sound quaint.
3. American Road signs are quite funny at 1am. And I kept thinking…thank you captain helpful and oh stater of the obvious! “STAY ALERT!” “BE SAFE-TAKE A BREAK!” “Keep a safe distance between vehicles”
4. My favorite part of the whole drive was when I was warned miles ahead of time that the right lane was closed…only to immediately get halted because the first 10 miles of the road work had the LEFT LANE CLOSED….then the right….SIGNAGE FAIL !
5. What is the deal with mushy green beans in the South? Seriously…do people actually like this?
6. Nothing beats listening to a true southern accent. Something about it, always makes me feel like moving Down South. Then the sun comes out and it’s 85 degrees and I think…YEAH…No thanks. But the accent sure is pretty.
#itinerationtrail #lifeontheroad


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