Flirken and the Night the Lights Went Out At the Vicarage

Cue stirring music:

I, the mighty Flirken, have been off world for the last several weeks fighting the loathsome Kree.

It was the night of May 6th, 2019 of the Gregorian calendar ( I knew Gregory . Actually it was I who suggested that the Julian calendar was wrong because it miscalculated the length of the solar year, but that is another story).

At any rate, I sensed that there was trouble back on Earth. So after I had dispatched the Kree war ship that was threatening those poor refugees from Stellus VII, I folded myself into my pocket dimension and quick like a kitty made my way back to Earth

It was a good thing I did too because as I returned to my room I realized all the power was out in the house. As I extended mt Flirken senses into the realm of Winchendon I noted that the power was out all over.

The Three White Wickednesses were making a terrible ruckus…. TheGuardians of EIEIO are such sissies.

Matriarch of the Ages was in a terrible tizzy because humans cannot see much without light. I of course have my cat senses and so am perfectly comfortable with the dark, but Matriarch of the ages was rushing about the house pulling the fire sticks out of drawers and shoving them into coffee cups because she could not find her holders.

Image may contain: night and fire

I thought surely she would burn down the house and so I was just about to swallow her into my pocket dimension when The She…

started going behind her and putting the candles into candle holders.

Then He Who Wears Stupid Hats…

Came Home and found some more holders and the world was saved. Once again I did not have to eat one human! My humans are true warriors!


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