Amanda: What It Means To Be a Minister

What is a minister?
I am probably the least qualified of the 3 of us to answer this question as I am still learning exactly what it means to be a minister, but Daddy asked for my answer so I’ll take a stab at it.
A minister is someone whose lifestyle shows God and instills in those around them the need to get closer to God and do what God has called them to do.

What does that mean? It means that we are always looking for opportunities to help encourage people in what God has called them to do.

Dad does this thing that drives me nuts because I think it is absolutely bizarre, but as I’ve looked into the motive behind it I understand it more. He always asks people “What is God telling you today?”

I hate when he asks me this question because God does not talk to me like he talks to Dad so I always feel like I’m going to answer this question wrong. However, since I’ve started working at the church and with Dad I understand more the motive behind this question. He is not doing it to make interesting conversation. He is doing it so I can see what God is calling me to so that I can do it. Without him asking me that question, I may sit on what God is telling me for days, weeks, or months.

This is one of Dad’s way of ministering to me and others.
I’m still working out “My thing” as it were but this is what I feel we are as ministers are called to do.


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