“All In” Against the Distractions

Amanda and I had a really good on line discussion about being all in. Here are some thoughts from that discussion.

One of the things God has been telling us as a leadership team is that we need to stop taking a census of what we have in our own strength. Taking a census causes us to become self-reliant rather than God reliant (this is an allusion to the story of David in 1 Chron. 21). God has also been telling us as a church that we need to be “All In”

One of our biggest temptations is to allow little distractions inside the church to distract us from our “All In” call.

Image result for distraction

As leaders we need to stop being so concerned about those things which distract us. In some ways focusing on the little distractions, the things which “bug” us, is just another form of census taking.

We need to stop focusing on distractions. As leaders, we need to take a stand against what is distracting the congregation and help them gain the same mind of pushing past those distractions.

When we allow ourselves to be distracted by things that have no eternal value simply because they are not to our liking, we allow the enemy a foot hold to steal our ability to be “All In”. In that moment we step out of answering the call of God.


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