A Few More Thoughts On Being “All In”

Well as predicted, the blogs last week about being “All In” elicited some really interesting conversations.

J. Says: I guess the idea of being “All In” can be taken in two ways. Number one it can be taken as applying to me being “All In.” That is fully dedicated or committed to a particular cause. It can also apply to everyone else around me in regards to who I accept or receive into my life. It can refer to my level of openness and my heart of love for people that I allow “All In”, if you see what I mean.

The way I understand being “All In” is in the first way. When I am “All In” to something it means I am fully committed to pouring all my heart, soul, mind, strength, talents ability and love into the thing I am “All In” towards (this is a definition spoken to me by Meg Kelly at the Cornerstone Cafe last Sunday). That right there is the definition of holiness or sanctification.

Now when I am truly “All In” with Jesus, that causes me to open my heart to others. I cannot love Jesus and hate others, period! Any level of hatred or dislike towards others in my heart indicates that I have an area of disloyalty in my heart towards Jesus who is desperately in love with all mankind. My love for others actually shows how “All In” I am with Jesus.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that.


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